How to create a brand book

For getting the most out of your brand book, we advise you to prepare in advance all of the information needed for an extensive, professional result. Some will require getting information from your client and some will require you, the designer, to prepare the graphic items in the right manner for optimal results.

so let’s dive in to see what this means.

The logo and Icon refer to the logotype(combination mark) and Logomark respectively. For the system to analyze and calculate the correct proportions and clear space, follow these instructions:

  • Outline any strokes you have so every element is converted into shapes.
  • Any white elements should be treated as a hole. For example, eliminate it with the pathfinder tool in Adobe.
  • Leave no “air” or free space between the logo/icon and the edge of the stage
  • Save in SVG format. Got an AI or PDF file? no worries, open it in Adobe illustrator and Save As .SVG file, default settings 🙂

Group 70

               Icon:Group 71

Even though the system will help you build a matching color palette derived from the logo you upload, we advise you to prepare 4 Hex colors in advance. The system will convert them into RGB, CMYK and Pantone colors automatically.

Group 68 1024x557 1

When choosing a font for your brand, it is important that you choose the one that best reflects the personality of your brand.  Different fonts evoke different emotions. Serif fonts portray tradition, reliability, and integrity. Sans-serif fonts give a modern, stylish, and contemporary feel. Script fonts are elegant, classical, and feminine. 

Please choose up to 2 different OTF or TTF fonts with 3 weights maximum for each or choose from the google font drop down list. 

Group 147

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of an organization. They determine if a company is on the right path and fulfilling its goals and guides the decision making process in a variety of situations. Each Core Value should have a short title, a sentence and a unique Icon designed and saved as a SVG file. Don’t leave any empty spaces between the edge of the icon and the edge of the file boundaries. The system allows upto 6 values.

Group 146

When branding for a client, it is important to get from them the Vision & Mission Statement of the company. In addition to it being stated in the brand book, this helps the designer to keep the logo design in context to the company’s aspirations.

NIKE MISSION    oxfam vision

That's it. You are ready to start.