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150+ Branding Resources & Logo Design Resources You Should Check Out

At Gingersauce we know the exact value of branding. We also realize that sometimes it’s hard to find the materials to learn from. So, we …

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passive income ideas for designers

Passive Income Ideas For Designers + Ways to Earn More

Sometimes designers have a hard time finding a way to earn a little bit more money – especially freelance designers. But, while looking for another …

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logo creation checklist

Don’t Send Your Logo to the Client Yet: Logo Creation Checklist

Do you double-check your logo designs? No? Well, it’s high time you do it! After spending many hours working on the same design, even the …

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logo package

What Should Be Included in a Logo Package & The Right Way to Present it

New to design and not sure what exactly you should include in a logo package? No worries, we’ve got you. Today, we will list everything …

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Graphic Designer Weaknesses

6 Graphic Designer Weaknesses: How To Become a Better Designer?

Nobody’s perfect, and even the best graphic designers have their weaknesses. We’re not here to bash, but to offer some advice in turning your cons …

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design portfolio

How to Build a Design Portfolio: Tips & Portfolio Examples

Design portfolio can be a great way to attract new clients – if built correctly. Today we will share a few tips that will help …

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design case study

Build a Brand with Gingersauce Branding App: Case Study by Keletso Maidi

Gingersauce was created as a branding app, a helper, specifically for designers. Upon scanning the market we saw an apparent lack of tools that can …

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