Gingersauce background

Gingersauce was developed by designers for their fellow professionals. As experienced owners of a design agency, we know the value of time. We realized that too much time is being wasted in creating brand books, the end result of the design process. We had created our own templates but they had to be customized, which was a time-intensive process and not efficient enough. We also found that not all designers know everything that needs to go into creating a professional brand book. 

We decided to develop a product that would allow our designers to be creative and take the pain of creating the brand book off their plate. A product that would contain all our branding know-how, providing not only a time-saving solution, but also a platform to learn how to brand.

Gingersauce is this product. Give it a try to know exactly what we are talking about. Design an awesome brand book right now.


Mor Alon

CEO/CTO at Gingersauce

Mor oversees the development team and establishes the tech vision of Gingersauce. As an expert in the application and Cloud development, security, and data management, he priorities efficiency, and reliability.  Previously, Mor built and actively managed more than 5 successful tech companies – CherckerSoftNinjaChampExplorifile


Mor is passionate about building ready-to-use solutions that solve challenges in creative fields with smart algorithms. He believes that technology should not limit creativity, but enrich it, shifting focus from manual tasks to engaging activities. 


For over 20 years. Mor and Josh co-founded and collaborated on multiple business and creative projects. Their respective expertise is focused contemporaneously on both creativity and rational organization.  At Gingersauce, Mor makes sure that the service brings real value to designers and businesses. Users can focus on creative work, while Gingersauce’s tech team, under Mor’s guidance, manages the internal tech processes. 


Josh Bloch

Design lead/Founder in Gingersauce


Josh is a multidisciplinary designer with over 20 years of experience in industrial design, exhibitions, branding, 2d and 3d animation, graphics for print and digital, illustration, and UX/UI for mobile and desktop apps. Over the past 9 years, Josh has been running his successful branding and web designing agency (Veroccio) where he perfected design methodologies for efficient project flows.

Always looking at how he can take mundane and repetitive actions away from the designers, Josh wanted to empower his team to work only on the creative process. He believes that differentiating between the routine and the innovative, extracting the ordinary from the extraordinary, is key for success in a fast-moving and competitive environment. Josh developed Gingersauce as a product that would keep his designers focused on innovating and creating unique designs while reducing the
inefficient work of making the brand book to just a few minutes.


Veroccio Studio

the team behind gingersauce

Veroccio is an international market leader in the design and development of unique branding, customized webapps and ecommerce environs.
From Verocchio to Leonardo Da Vinci to Veroccio.

Verocchio’s 16th century Studio was one of the first to form a multi & interdisciplinary design studio. Today’s Veroccio operates under the assumption that by using experience from several design and programming disciplines, they can continue to be innovative and creative in their field..

Experience in a Wide Range of Fields

Veroccio’s field of expertise ranges from branding, web design & development, UX/UI, web management and more. Clients range from toys to defence industries, from fashion to engineering, from sports to real estate…

Innovative design with state of the art technology will guarantee that you will stand out from the rest!