Scott Hurff, Designing Products People Love: How Great Designers Create Successful Products

Book in 3 minutes 😇
Scott Hurff, Designing Products People Love: How Great Designers Create Successful Products.

For whom: for designers, product managers and everyone involved in the product creation process.

The author studied the history of creating successful services and products, identified similar processes and strategies for success, and wrote a book for those who want to develop the best digital products regardless of their field of activity.

What’s the issue?
It’s not about being original. It’s not about making things stylish or pretty. It’s not about making them easy to use. Product design is about creating what your customers need, with full understanding of what they feel, how they think, and what they want.

Product design
Keenan Cummings, Product Designer at Airbnb, Yahoo! and Days: “Product design is how we understand people. The designer must get out of his head and break the fortress of assumption. He must constantly question his cozy point of view of the world.”

Speed ​​makes us buy more. Shopzilla has been redesigning its pages over the course of a year, and the result has been shocking, with a response time reduction of just five seconds (from seven seconds to two), which increased profits by 7-12% and page views by 25%.

The rule of two pizzas
When assembling a team, keep in mind Jeff Bezos’ two-pizza rule: the team must be large enough to be fed with two pizzas. This means that the ideal team size is about six people.

Reaction time
The speed or response time is highly dependent on the context – how, where and when the client uses it. For example, 400 milliseconds is an awful reaction time for touch-based interfaces in such a narrow context as painting. Even 100 milliseconds is still a bad result.

You will learn how to identify and interpret customer needs and use the results of such research to create a product. Very cool book, we advise you to add it to your reading list!

P.S. The book is complemented by over 30 interviews with product designers