How To Choose Brand Colors?

How To Choose Brand Colors?

There are more than 6 million colors, it is understandably hard to choose among them. But we’re here to help

We collected advice from personal experience, so here are 5 steps we use while choosing the branding colors.

1. Color = the brand’s message
The first step for you would be to determine your brand.
What is your mission?
What emotion would you like to be evoking?
What image do you want to establish?
What associations you’d like your customers to have when thinking about your brand?
These are the questions you need to answer before getting into the colors.

2. Study color codes
Every color has its meaning in terms of emotions, characteristics, target audience and field of business. Check all these details before confirming your main branding color.

3. Analyze competitors
The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time creating an awesome visual identity with what seemed to be perfect branding colors, and for it to end up looking exactly the same as your competitor’s.

4. Consider cultural differences
If you are targeting an audience of a certain country – this is another thing that needs to be decided beforehand – make sure you’re aware of the color culture of that region.

5. Consider where will your colors be used
Website, storefront, in-store design, staff uniforms, advertisements – make a list of places before picking the brand color.

☝️Tip: If your business has to do with printing, or you’ll need a lot of print-outs, an overly colorful palette will be more expensive to print. Try going with something simpler.

Picked your colors? Add them to your Brand Guidelines created with, of course!