Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

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Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things.

For whom: for everyone who is interested in how to influence the world around with the help of design.

Design — everywhere
Everything created by man has a design. Whether it is the layout of furniture in a room, paths in a garden or forest, details of an electronic device — someone has thought about the layout, use and mechanisms.

Human-centered design is a design philosophy. This knowledge of human nature manifests itself mainly through observation because people themselves often do not know what they really need, and do not even realize what difficulties they face.

If a person does something wrong, you need to make it as easy as possible to notice it and fix it. And this should also be incorporated into the design. When a person understands what happened, what state the system is in, he works more efficiently.

0.1 seconds
Modern systems are trying hard to make sure that the user receives feedback no later than 0.1 seconds after each operation and, thus, was sure that his request was received. This is especially important if the operation will take a long time.

On one small and very popular aircraft, the same switches for flaps and landing gear are located side by side. You will be surprised to know how many pilots, while on the ground, tried to raise the flaps instead of retracting the landing gear. Why do such design errors still occur?

Norman looks at common user mistakes and offers designers various ways to prevent them. So interesting!

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