Michael Evamy, Logotype


Book in 3 minutes 🤗
Michael Evamy, Logotype.

For whom: for those who create logos.

“I don’t repeat myself twice, I don’t repeat myself!”. To accurately test your idea for plagiarism, check out this logo guide. Some of them were analyzed in detail: how they were created and what they mean.

So, Michael Ewami highlighted 3 sections. The first is devoted to symbolic characters created from the text. The second is for image-based logos and abstract emblems. And the third — to systems of signs.

Each logo is supplemented with a short description. In the worst case, this is the name and scope of the company, as well as the name of the company that developed the logo. In the (rare) best cases, there is also a rationale for the chosen image, colors, and even some kind of story associated with this logo.

The main body of the book is in black and white colors. The author justifies this decision by saying that this way “readers can more clearly see the formal characteristics of logos”, and also by the fact that “when several striking colored symbols appear on one page, their design ceases to be paid attention, and they become like bright spots advertising signs in Times Square”.

The book is rich in interesting works, and is quite suitable for seeking inspiration for specialists who are engaged in identity. At the same time, in our opinion, the book contains a lot of frankly weak works. And learning, as you know, is better by examining bad examples and thinking about how you can improve them. So Michael’s book has a double benefit.

Sincerely recommended!