Now You See It and Other Essays on Design by Michael Bierut

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Now You See It and Other Essays on Design by Michael Bierut.

For whom: romantic designers who love their profession.

The book contains 54 stories that tell about the design process, and about events that take place in it. The author shares his experience and reflections on the profession. And in some stories designers can even recognize themselves.

Incomprehensible profession.
Our time encourages hasty judgment, especially in the form of short Twitter-like bursts. But I’m in my 50s, and for most of my career I’ve been “a man of an incomprehensible profession.” When I was over 35, everyone suddenly became interested in what I was doing.

Beauty in the business world.
I am deeply convinced that one of the goals of design is to bring humanity, intelligence and beauty to the world of business and, of course, to everyday life. In my experience, smart clients and good designers do not see this goal as opposed to achieving business goals, but rather an integral part of it.

Respect design.
The only way to get the public to respect design more is for each of us to create great designs for any client. This is a war that includes small battles, and with each victory, life becomes — at least in some way — a little better.

I could do better.
The catchphrase of “Critics of Graphic Design as a Spectacular Sport” is “I could have done better.” Of course they could! But one idea is not enough. And great design too. Design development is only the first stage of a long and risky process with no guarantee of success.

The font experts.
I dreamed of a day when ordinary people like my dad would understand graphic design, typefaces, logos, packaging; when all of this will be discussed as seriously as films or books. And look what turned out to be.

Must-read, designers 🌞