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Build a Brand with Gingersauce Branding App: Case Study by Keletso Maidi

Gingersauce was created as a branding app, a helper, specifically for designers. Upon scanning the market we saw an apparent lack of tools that can help design professionals to simplify their workflow. We saw the need for the right presentation, brand book creation, and smart automated processes. So, we released Gingersauce.

Since then we had countless people trying the app, and commenting about it. We decided, why not share their opinions with other users? Why not showcase what value designers see in the product we develop? So, welcome a new series of posts on our blog: case studies with real designers.

In this series, we will be inviting design professionals from around the globe to share their opinion on branding, and Gingersauce specifically.

Note: the case studies will be presented in the interview format, just to allow designers to share their raw, unedited thoughts 🙂 The questions will be interspersed with brand books created by a designer with the help of Gingersauce, providing detailed case studies along with the end result.

Now that a little introduction is out of the way, let us introduce our first guest – Keletso Maidi. Keletso is a talented designer based in South Africa. He also happens to be one of our advisors! He is helping us improve the tool, sharing his thoughts and suggestions on a regular basis (thanks, Keletso!).

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Tell us a few words about yourself and your occupation.

I’m an experienced Graphic & Layout Designer. I have a strong understanding of how Graphic Design integrates with an overall brand and its marketing efforts. I am passionate about my work. I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward.

What is the main difficulty in working on the brand identity for a client? 

The most difficult thing would be not having a proper brief. Where clients share all the information needed, and state exactly what they need.

Case study #1: Botaki brand

brand identity examples

Botaki is a brand responsible for designing fashion clothing aimed at children and women of all shapes and sizes. 

Botaki means Art in Setswana, one of the Official 11 Languages in South Africa.

Scope of work: Logo design, Clothing Apparels, Visual Identity, and Advertising Materials.

What was the objective set before the designer?

  • A brand identity for a young clothing designer.
  • The task was to create a simple, feminine, elegant identity for a fashion design label. The word “BOTAKI” means “ART” in the Setswana language. The company with its avant-garde designs wants to introduce more style, range, and versatility to Kids and Women’s fashion.

How did Gingersauce help to achieve that objective?

To be able to see the brand’s elegance and simplicity had a lasting effect and the impression on the fashion designer was more than I expected, in most cases, clients only see final products on the initial concepts.

What are your thoughts regarding the branding industry itself, do you think branding tools are needed nowadays? 

The industry is growing rapidly and evolving, as much as we see these changes are happening, branding tools will always be needed as part of a point of reference and a basis of what one will need to enhance their final brand product.

What are the main problems with branding and logo design?

Most problems I experience, especially with logo designs, (1) is when the client uses another logo sample they downloaded as a brief for their own personal or business logo. (2) Selection of colours for the specific logo or branding project whereas the designer was giving limited time to complete the project.

Case study #2: MP brand

how to create brand style guide

The company was established in 1998 and registered as a Close Corporation on the 11th December 2003. Mmoledi has completed among others civil construction projects in Mpumalanga in 2006, under a giant Company LED Engineering (equipping of Bore Holes and erection of man walls), construction of Doctor’s Homes in Groblersdal Hospital in 2007 (Limpopo), construction of RDP Houses in Mpumalanga, renovations, and restorations in Gauteng.

Scope of work: Logo design and Company Profile.

What was the objective set before the designer?

  • A conceptual design was meant to represent the construction logo. 
  • I decided to represent the uniqueness in the mark by joining the letters together and creating a staircase effect between the letters. 
  • The main blue color represents the uniqueness, difference and endorses the tranquility of the brand among the other local ones.

How did Gingersauce help to achieve that objective?

With the option of adding live images of the brand in the real world Gingersauce sparked confidence in the brand itself. The client was more than pleased with how the branding project was looking for Mmoledi Projects.

How do you think logo presentation can influence the general impression of the visuals that the designer created?

Logo presentation says it all as this will capture the audience’s attention and give the audience a somewhat idea of what the whole product is all about. Logo presentations must be able to capture the imagination of the audience.

When was the first time you heard about Gingersauce, what was your first impression? 

I was browsing the web and saw an ad about creating brand books and at that time I had given up about even creating brand books. I followed the link to the Gingersauce brand book platform my jaw dropped and just fell in love with it and never looked back since then.

Case study #3: MMCP brand

how to create brand guidelines

MMCP is a Small-Medium Practice that provides transversal integrated business solutions to Small Medium Enterprises to build strong financial management, improve governance and create value in the organizations they support. The business is registered with SAICA as an accounting practice and is operating from Midrand, Johannesburg. The services provided range from Accounting, Corporate Finance Advisory, and Taxation.

Scope of work: Logo design and Advertising Materials.

What was the objective set before the designer?

I wanted to offer: 

  • The same flexibility of their logo to be able to adapt to the brand’s growth and financial environment.
  • Give the brand a natural and eco-friendly color scheme

How did Gingersauce help to achieve that objective?

With the available Brand Book colour scheme selection tools Gingersauce helped/ assisted the right template to match the brand’s colour scheme and made it look more alive than dull.

What do you like most about the Gingersauce platform? 

It’s user friendly and everything you need is right there at your fingertips and for those who are trying out developing brand books and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, have no fear Gingersauce Brand Book platform is a few clicks away and you will never regret it.

What changed in your work after you started using Gingersauce? 

Turn around time on design and development of brand books, with the little experience I had when coming to design brand books I struggled a lot at first, but now the picture is painted clearer and all thanks to gingersauce.

Case study #4: Maikel Concepts Brand

brand guidelines examples

MAIKEL Concept is a Design Studio that specializes in Brand Development, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Printing Services, for small and well-established corporate businesses locally and within the African Continent.

Scope of work: Logo design, Visual Identity, and Advertising Materials.

What was the objective set before the designer?

  • To create/ design a brand that stands out from its competitors, with a simple monogram typeface logo.
  • Give the brand a monochromatic colour scheme, which highlights Trustworthiness. 

How did Gingersauce help to achieve that objective?

Gingersauce played a great role in displaying the brand content in a book form for a look and feel, highlighting the essential elements or visuals for a clear and straight-to-the-point display of creativity and confidence in the brand.

Do you see any changes in your work/communication with clients after you started using Gingersauce?

Most definitely there are changes in my workflow, the client seeing their logo or products being displayed in a book form creates an everlasting impression.

What direction Gingersauce should keep in order to succeed?

So far it’s succeeding and what I love most about it has a wide range of audiences. Anybody can create a brand book, whether you are a newbie or expert – Gingersauce is the platform for you.

Showcase your designs in brand books, with Gingersauce

We’re extremely happy to see that professional designers see value in the application we’re creating. We’re working hard daily to create the platform that will help designers all over the globe to make their work easier, and more enjoyable – have you tried the platform yet? Just a few days ago we rolled out an update with new chapters – logo mockups and brand archetypes – you definitely want to try them out!

Try Gingersauce

Thanks, Keletso, for sharing your thoughts, experience, and impressions with Gingersauce! We were delighted to talk to you, and hope to have you over once more 🙂

Check out Keletso on:

Instagram | Behance | Koroflot

The author

Josh Bloch
Josh Bloch

Josh is a multidisciplinary designer with over 20 years of experience in industrial design, exhibitions, branding, 2d and 3d animation, graphics for print and digital, illustration, and UX/UI for mobile and desktop apps.

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