7 Design Challenge Generators: Learn, Train, Get Inspired
7 Design Challenge Generators: Learn, Train, Get Inspired


7 Design Challenge Generators: Learn, Train, Get Inspired

Refining a skill doesn’t only take studying theory, but a lot of practice as well. In order to help you sharpen your skills, we’ve made a compilation of prompt generators you’ll definitely find helpful. See the Gingersauce’s pick 👇🏻

Designercize.com: for challenges of varying difficulties.
The website offers a variety of prompts, from simple ones like designing a search bar to more complex ones like a multi-user dashboard. Depending on your skill level, or the time you have, you can choose which challenge you’d like to try yourself in – easy, medium, or hard.

Uicoach.io: for specific challenges.
UI Coach will help you work on a specific challenge, at your own pace. This generator offers detailed and specific tasks, with ideas, colors, fonts, and even illustration libraries to use.

@sharpendesign: for refining skills in different categories.
Depending on what skills you’d like to refine, you can choose challenges within 3 categories: branding, marketing, and Product/UX.

What should I design?: for fun prompts.
The challenges are funny, yet kind of ambitious. Our advice – click on the button till you find something that makes you really laugh, and then design it.

@fakeclients: for realistic briefs.
The website generates short briefs as if delivered by real clients. With FakeClients you can train to make logos, illustrations, websites, UI Design, UX Design, and more.

Doodle Strudel: for illustration inspiration.
Doodlestrudel is a cool graphic design idea generator. Nothing complicated, only one button, and ideas to choose from. The prompts usually describe the setting, characters, items on the illustration, as well as the style in which to work.

Gingersauce: for learning branding.
Though not being a challenge generator, you can easily consider it as one! The platform itself is a great guide to branding: every page of the brand book will teach you the elements of the brand identity you, as a designer, can offer your clients.

If you cannot think of something to design for the life of you, try using design challenge generators 😉