Provide Enough Logo Options
Tip #6: Provide Enough Logo Options

Tip #6: Provide Enough Logo Options

Presenting tip #6: what our founder Josh learned after 20 years working in the design industry.

Even if you created a well-described and explained logo, it’s not enough on its own. You need to present clients with options. Design is highly subjective, and the first version will hardly be the ultimate one.

The different options will be utilized for the different applications and usage of the logo. There are endless places and formats on which the logo will need to be. Our job is to think as wide as possible and to give our solution for all anticipated formats.

☝🏻 Tip: Creating variations can be very time-consuming. Our tip is to generate them automatically using Gingersauce. All you need to do is upload a logo, and the system will create different color variations, the favicon, and the negative space options. If you need any other ones, you can upload them manually, and later present everything in a brand book.