7 Rules For Brand Growth By Byron Sharp


7 Rules For Brand Growth By Byron Sharp

7 rules for brand growth by Byron Sharp

1) Continuously reach out to all buyers of the category (communication and distribution) — avoid being silent.
2) Ensure the brand is easy to buy (communicate how the brand fits with the users life).
3) Get noticed (grab attention frequently).
4) Refresh and build memory structures (respect existing associations that make the brand easy to notice and easy to buy).
5) Create and use distinctive brand assets (use sensory cues to get noticed and stay top of mind).
6) Be consistent (avoid unnecessary changes, whilst keeping the brands fresh and interesting).
7) Stay competitive (keep the brand easy to buy and avoid giving excuses not to buy (i.e. by targeting a particular group).

Sharp believes the key to success is creating consistent and constantly used, easy-to-remember brand assets which will over time create distinctive memory structures and bring the brand front-of-mind when a consumer is shopping in that category (mental availability).

Distinctive brand assets are ones that are memorable and attractive, and provide sensory and semantic cues. Examples include: logo, tagline, packaging, color, jingle.

Build associations, create memories, tell stories and be consistent in all your activities.

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