5 Common Branding Mistakes
5 Common Branding Mistakes


5 Common Branding Mistakes

A brand identity is a highly personal thing for each company. There’s no unified algorithm – what works well for Microsoft won’t be received well by TikTok users. To come up with a working brand identity, creators and business owners need to consider the challenge from different perspectives.

Many fail to do that and end up making several common mistakes. Here’s a list for you – so you can check your identity’s validity.

1). Brand identity guidelines should be written in the company’s tone of voice already. A lot of designers make the mistake of stating that the brand will speak vividly, but the document itself is written in the most official tone. You can attach Slack’s brand book as an example.

2). Not applying math principles. All the elements should be presented with precise measurements and proportions.

3). No storytelling. Brand guidelines should be more than just a description of logos. Take a look at everything Google publishes about their branding – it’s very story-driven.

4). Not understanding the audience for the brand book. Your actual target audience might never read the guidelines. Keep your target audience in mind, but don’t forget that you are talking to designers, re-sellers, stakeholders.

5). Failing to update brand identity. If you already have a logo, slogan, and style, it doesn’t mean that your work is done. You need to constantly analyze market requirements and be ready to adopt them.

In order to be sure and not to make any mistakes, you can get started to make your brand’s identity with GingerSauce – a professional tool that creates a brand book online for free. All you need to create a versatile style is a company’s logo, we will take care of the rest.