Powerful Branding Framework: A Brand Essence Wheel


Powerful Branding Framework: A Brand Essence Wheel

Brand essence describes your brand in a nutshell. It’s a one to the three-word statement that expresses a guiding principle or attribute that’s clearly understood and most importantly, felt by your customers. It describes the primary emotional reason they choose you and remain loyal.

Example: The brand essence of Apple is simple elegance. When the average person thinks about technology, they get a headache about the complexity, inconsistency, and hassle of it. Why can’t things just work and be simple?

Apple’s essence is the feeling of it just working, effortlessly. The buttons are in the right place. The quality is high. The gestures are what you would expect. Even the icons seem right. They also strip away or hide anything superfluous, making their products by far the most elegant on the market.

Now, let’s look at a brand wheel scheme to have a better understanding of how to prepare one for your brand.

P.S. We found a brand essence wheel that was created for Channel, this may also help you — added in carousel.

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