No, Your Clients Do Not Need Only A Logo: Offer Them A Brand Identity Instead

People do not always realize that what they want is not what they need. A business owner who comes to you for a logo design may not be too knowledgeable about the whole branding saga that’s going under the curtains of big companies. What they see — is that every company has a logo. So, they go for what’s on the surface — they order a logo.

At this point, you need to navigate the client — explain to them what is branding, what is identity, and what they should do. How?

1. Offer examples. Show them how companies they know do it. How their competitors do it.
2. Dispel a myth that a logo needs to tell the whole story. Yes, the logo should be designed with a brand’s values in mind. No, it doesn’t have to be all-encompassing and share every bit of information. This is why you need a brand identity, branding strategy, and a brand in general.

Looks like a win-win, isn’t it? Remember, it’s the sum of all the brand identity parts that make up a brand. Everything together determines how the brand will connect to its customers. As a designer, you have to communicate that to your client. As a client, you should forget about only going for a logo — it can only do so much.

Bonus: So, the client agreed. What’s next?
As soon as you’re given a green light on creating a brand identity, naturally, you now have a lot of work to do. How to make the process easier? Consider automating the steps.

Use Gingersauce to:
⚡️ Guide yourself and the client through identity creation. Every element of the identity creation is a step in the Gingersauce wizard. Follow the steps and get a full brand identity in the end.
⚡️ Automate. The system will automatically create the logo variations and misuses.
⚡️ Gather. All the elements will be gathered together in a professional brand book.
⚡️ Present. Let your client visualize what the brand would look like if they chose a certain option.
⚡️ Save time. Creating a brand book using Gingersauce will only take a few minutes. Time — saved, the client’s expectations — surpassed!

Are you sure your logo is all ready to be sent to a client?

Beautiful design is only half the deal — does it really suit the brand, though? We’ve created a short checklist for you to see if your logo is truly ready to be presented. Leave your email, and you’ll receive it right away.