Make A Separate Brand Book For Each Visual You're Presenting

How To Present Logo Design: Tip #1. Make A Separate Brand Book For Each Visual You’re Presenting.

What our founder Josh learned after 20 years working in the design industry.

Do not hesitate to create a brand book for each of the prototypes you design – make a separate brand book every time. This way you’re presenting not only a single visual, you’re offering ready brands to choose from. This will help your client to make his pick a lot faster, with fewer edits and misunderstandings.

Looking professional is also a + point to your reputation 🙂

Preparing the design is only the first half of the work, presentation is the next key element. With Gingersauce it’s easier than ever. What we offer is to send your next visuals to your client using the Gingersauce platform and to see the reaction. You’ll be surprised. Deal?