5 Most Important Presentation Rules


5 Most Important Presentation Rules

How to present your visuals to a client and charge 3X more?

There’s a crucial thing a lot of designers missing out on — presenting their work in its best light.

We take a lot of time to choose the right color, typography, and layout for our visuals. How about letting your clients know your train of thought and logic behind decision-making? That’s what design presentation is about.

You know your logo presentation is awesome when it:
Rule 1: Presents multiple design choices to your clients without confusing them;
Rule 2: Answers all questions about design and concepts in your presentation before a client even thinks of asking them;
Rule 3: Describes the mission and vision behind the design;
Rule 4: Makes file navigation comfortable both for you and your client;
Rule 5: Decides on what context the person will read it — as a part of the talk, or you’re sending it out by email (make the slides work better for each context).

Tip: Put between the slides: “How did we decide this?”, “Let’s take a closer look.” It mimics dialogue and engages.

You can always use brand books to presenting your designs. After packing visuals in a brand book, you’ll be getting fewer questions and edits. The brand book will sell your concept. Clients will get a professional result, which will likely be far beyond their expectations.

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