Brand Style

Brand Style

‘Layering up’ your brand like this, basically imagining it as a living and breathing soul, you can identify its specific nature, its imperfections, and ‘wrinkles’.

This is what we got after going through the scheme with a random brand👇

Appearance. What does the brand look like?
Color and shape: Pink and red.
Form: Soft, oval shapes.
Font: Classic and romantic serifs.
Illustrations: Sensational, calm, and mysterious.

Sound. What does your brand sound like?
Loudness: Whisper.
Timbre: Low, technically more of a contralto if it’s a female voice, a baritone if a man’s.

Language. How does your brand communicate?
The brand words: Mysterious, sensual, inspiring.

Far easier now to even imagine how a brand like this will be addressing their clients, isn’t it? We can now kind of see what message it will get across, what tone of voice use, and what effect it will be having on people. This is exactly the way for you to create your brand’s tone of voice and your brand characters.

Everything you single out like this won’t go to waste, it will, later on, help you to create the right associations with your brand by putting the symbolic meaning into each of your branding elements 🙌