Brand Сolors: What They Can Reveal About The Business?

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Brand’s Сolors: what they can reveal about the business?

The Marketo team analyzed the top 100 global brands to determine which colors they use most. Here’s what they found: “Blue seems to be the winning color, as it shows up in 33% of the top 100 brands. Red comes second by showing up in 29% of the brands, and black or greyscale make the third most popular choice with 28%. Finally, 13% use yellow or gold.”

Interestingly, 95% of the companies analyzed are limited to one or two colors. This trend can be explained by the desire for simplicity and uniformity.

Do the color choices you’ve selected for your brand align with the feeling you’re trying to give to your customers and prospects? Check our new Instruction Cards to figure that out.

P.S. Studies have found that a company’s color influences approximately 80% of a customer’s purchasing decision. This means that the right choice of color does not only strengthen the brand association, but it can also affect the total sales.