12 Brand Archetypes. Continuation


The 12 Brand Archetypes.

A brand archetype is essentially a character of your brand, the alive representation, that is created taking into consideration all the nuances of the target audience and the brand’s concept. The formula is simple, if a brand is relatable to its target audience, it’s loved by it.

A brand archetype is a person you’re addressing.

What happens after I find out my brand’s archetype?
You can use it. You will now know how people will see, and comprehend your brand. You will know what the brand would sound, look, and behave in certain situations. You will understand its values, and views on life.

Now, you can take this understanding and use it to build your brand personality, and further use it in all communication mediums: from social media posts to video ads; from the website content to choosing your brand’s opinion leaders.

If you are addressing, talking to the archetypes, you can speak to your target audience on an emotional level, instinctual even.

Stay true to your archetype, with Gingersauce. Soon enough, we’ll add a feature that will help you to automatically choose the right archetype for your clients – cool, right? (what a way to announce a new upcoming functionality)

P.S. Other 6 types of archetypes are in the next post.

P.P.S. More details on the brand archetypes are in the blog post!