10 Inspiring Brand Identity Trends For Business


10 Inspiring Brand Identity Trends For Business

We collected the best 2020 design trends for corporate identities.

1) Logo Adaptability. Business owners should request shape-shifting logos from their designers — this means that the logos can be easily changed in size, complexity, or color depending on where they are aimed to be used.

2) Minimalism. Last year neo-minimalism was popular, this year — nuanced minimalism replaced it. Nuanced minimalism offers cleanliness and simplicity, but with diverse inspirations and intriguing components — some surprising shapes and optical illusion.

3) Typography Freedom. Typography is breaking away from the constraints of usual fonts and shapes. Now we see artistic typography, maxi typography split into multiple lines, thick and heavy fonts, and typography which forms various shapes.

4) Futuristic gradients. Warm, neon gradients continually emerge in tech environments. It’s a look that pops digitally and catches the eye without overwhelming it.

5) Muted Colour Palettes. Designers are stepping back from bold color and towards more muted color palettes for brands. Muted colors are colors slightly desaturated with black, white, or complementary colors. In general, a little earthy, vintage, and home-feeling.

6) Line Art. The phrase “line art” will often bring to mind a simple black-and-white figure drawing, but this trend kicks it up a notch with engaging scenery, multi-dimensional concepts and an almost tattoo-like aesthetic. Refined line art keeps a brand simple while still having a good deal of fun.

7) Metallic Materials. Metallics help evoke an understated sense of luxury. Vibrant gold, dark platinum and lustrous rose gold or copper will make a lasting impact on print materials (like packaging or business cards), yet they also make a seamless transition when used in digital spaces.

8) Isometric Illustration. Isometric graphics are going to evolve into a fully animated visual solution like an actual 3D which moves, plays and attracts the audience.

9) Mixture of Drawing & Photo. Doodling has started a fun trend and quickly became such a hit that we see it on designs all over online. Doodling often gives people a touch of personalisation and handcrafted composition, by combining simple illustration replacing parts of the photos.

10) Visual Storytelling. It’s about your approach to telling the story of your brand. Visual storytelling can be successfully achieved in many ways, like numbered lists, animated gifs and thoughtful infographics.

What branding identity trends have you used in your latest design?