What Present To Buy For A Designer?

Don’t know what present to buy for a designer? We collected some creative ideas to help you 🌝

Illustrators, are cozy people and may love to have:
⚡️ The Rocketbook notebook;
⚡️ Gradient puzzle;
⚡️ Blue Bones pillow;
⚡️ Muji slippers.

UI/UX designers, perfectionists — they are more practical, so we advise to buy them:
⚡️ Superhero bookend;
⚡️ Posca paint markers;
⚡️ Baronfig desk organizer;
⚡️ Smart writing set pen & dotted smart notebook.

Logo designers, minimalists, adore receiving things that are stylish and useful, as:
⚡️ Book Logo Design Love;
⚡️ Typographic Ticket book;
⚡️ Logo board game;
⚡️ Pantone: 10 Notebooks.

Product designers are always tech-savvies, and love to test out innovations, give them:
⚡️ Peak Design’s tech pouch;
⚡️ VAVA 8-in-1 adapter;
⚡️ Gingerbread mouse pad;
⚡️ Tilt Brush by Google.

What do you think is the best gift for a designer? Do you agree with our ideas?

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