The Art of A Successful Design Brief: What to Ask Your Client?

The Art of A Successful Design Brief

Every designer-client relationship starts with a design brief. This is a step where first impressions are set, and all the preparations for further work are made. If you’re still online asking ‘how to prepare a design brief’, look no more. Today we’ll guide you through the basic structure of a successful design brief (in the picture above) and share some tips and tricks (in the post below). Enjoy!

Additional tips from the team:
☝🏻 Tip 1: Work on briefing together with the client, so you gather all the necessary information.
☝🏻 Tip 2: Do not only rely on the brief. Do your own research, and check out the competitors by yourself. Chances are, you might find some opportunity your client hasn’t noticed. Moreover, it’s a great way to show your client how interested you are in doing a good job.
☝🏻 Tip 3: If you’d like to help your client to describe the target audience of their brand, you can offer them to use this Customer Dossier as a guide.
☝🏻 Tip 4: There are plenty of creative ways to help a client “open the soul” of their company. Use interesting approaches while working at the brief stage – this may help a client find insights. Here are some of our favorite tricks to help the client find insights:
1. Archetypes.
2. Brand essence wheel.
3. Brand personalities.
All this and many other tricks you can find in our Learning Library, look for it on the Gingersauce website 😇

Also, not so long ago, we started sending out a cool PDF with creative tips on how to prepare a brief for the client. If you haven’t received it yet – send us the phrase “8 secrets” and you’ll get it immediately.