Soft Skills That Make A Good Designer Great

What qualities can make a good designer GREAT? What skills define that? We’ll show you 😉

Being ‘well-watched’.
It’s very simple: you need to regularly watch and analyze different visual art (design, paintings, architecture, photography). Being ‘well-watched’ is a kind of scale inside each person. It processes all the visual components and adjusts to a specific elevation. The more beautiful things you see, the better your ‘taste’ is developed.

Creativity is the ability to think outside the box. With its help, we design a trademark and logo, create slogans for advertising campaigns, come up with names for products, in short – participate in creating additional value for the product that can IDENTIFY the business.

Being ‘flexible’ means to adapt to new situations and what is more important – is not being afraid of changes. To be more or less prepared and stay ‘design fit’, we recommend listening to podcasts, reading the news in the field, and staying informed about the latest trends in various design fields.

‘Make it pop’, ‘Can you add more flair in it’, ‘Jazz it up’… We bet you heard something like that a few times, haven’t you? This type of feedback is not especially helpful when designing something. As a designer, you need to breathe deeply, take that, and turn it into something that will help your client express what they want – even if they don’t know exactly what.

Emotional intelligence.
This is when you respect your own and others’ emotions and know how to manage them. The higher the emotional intelligence, the lower the risk of stress and burnout and the steeper the “social agility”.

Active listening.
Related to the topic of receiving feedback, is the active listening of what you’re being told. Yes, the head of a designer is always full of ideas, especially when a client is describing what they want to see in a design. However, do not rush with commenting, listen to what the client has to say first.

It’s important to be flexible and pump up soft skills – that will help you not to burn out, and get along with clients without any problems. That done, you can use Gingersauce to go to the higher level