Key Elements Of Brand Identity Design

Key Elements Of Brand Identity Design

“When you think of identity, you think about the attributes that make someone the person they are. What makes them unique? Their sense of humor, their personality, the things they think and believe — as well as the way they present themselves to the world — the way they dress, their general style.

A brand identity is no different, but instead of pertaining to an individual, a brand identity describes a company or a product line, or both. A brand identity is the entirety of a brand’s expression of itself to the world. So how does a brand accomplish this? Using Internal and External brand identities.” — text from the “What is Brand Identity Design” article, written by @theymakedesign.

What defines a brand’s Internal Identity?
1) Mission (what engages you);
2) Vision (what is your direction and inspiration);
3) Values (what beliefs drive your company);
4) Brand personality (if your brand was a person, what kind of personality would they have);
5) Positioning (what differentiates you from competitors);
6) Brand voice (if your brand was a person, how would it communicate).

What defines a brand’s External Identity?
1) Typography;
2) Color palette;
3) Form/shape;
4) Logo;
5) Iconography;
6) Imagery;
7) Packaging.

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