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Gingersauce Updated: Create Brand Guidelines Online

The update we’ve been working so hard on is finally released! To all of you who shared your suggestions on how to make the system better, a huge thank you from the whole team. We noted everything, discussed, and implemented most of the things you asked for. 

Today we’re excited to introduce a renewed, improved Gingersauce professional software for creating brand books. Now you can create brand guidelines online a lot smoother, with more customization power, and usability.

Without further ado, let’s go over all the new features!

What’s new, Gingersauce? 

✅  SVG logos upload fixes. 

We focused on making the brand book creation process smoother, and a lot more user-friendly. That is why we fixed the bugs that occurred while uploading a logo.

✅  Extra explanations in the wizard. 

Since we are on a mission to help businesses transform into brands, we are surely making Gingersauce more educational. With this update, we added notes to every step of the brand guidelines creation process, explaining why you will need this or that element. 

alternative logo examples
logo minimum size

✅  Long-awaited mobile compatibility. 

We received a lot of requests to make Gingersacue mobile-compatible. So, here it is. You can now create brand guidelines on your smartphone, anywhere you go.

✅  More logo variations. 

We’re expanding the initial functionality to add more flexibility to the system. Upon uploading the logo, the system will now generate a lot more logo variations to choose from. 

We strongly believe that automation is a key, that will help designers leave more time for creativity. With more automatically created logo variations options, you don’t have to design them manually.  Though you can always upload the designs you made previously too.

logo variations
logo variations examples

✅  Extra templates. 

We added more brand book templates so that you could use the one that fits the style of a brand the best. We won’t stop there and will be adding more templates with further updates. Try on every template and create brand guidelines with different feel to them.

brand book template

✅  Customize book covers. 

A cover is the face of a brand book — add your own one. While before only the template covers were available, now you can change the cover to anything you want.

create a brand book online

✅  Customize fonts in templates. 

Add even more personality to your brand books, by using the fonts you choose. On the last stage of your brand book creation, you can change the fonts used in titles and descriptions.

brand book create online

✅  Improved My brand books dashboard. 

We’ve designed a more ergonomically correct and usable dashboard. The elements are now placed a lot more efficiently. You will also notice a few new elements. On the brand book you will see its expiration date right away – this way you’ll be able to stay in the know of when it will be deleted from the system.

We have also added an Active plan section in the top right corner. This section allows you to check your current subscription plan, and if needed switch it to any other – directly from your member’s area.

brand book create online

✅  New improved pricing model.

New pricing model introduced – with more value for designers and brand managers: created according to multiple feedbacks! We have contacted more than 20 project users (and advisors) and developed the pricing plans that will make the most sense for any user. You can check out the renewed pricing page to see what changed and pick a subscription plan that suits your needs.

gingersauce pricing

Anything for the community?

Of course! We’ve prepared a lot of materials for you to use Gingersauce easier. And learn to brand. Let’s go over what new pages we have for you.

Gallery page – with brand guidelines examples.

brand guidelines examples

Before jumping into using a new tool, people want to know what they will get in the result – that’s totally natural. That’s exactly why we prepared a Gallery page, where we showcased the brand books created with Gingersauce. 

Come here to see what your brand book can look like if you were to create it with Gingersauce. Also! We sprinkled in some other materials to keep you inspired – cool color palettes, fonts inspirations, etc. Come check out!

Knowledge base – with Gingersauce FAQ & branding materials.


 If you have any questions about Gingersauce, you go to the Knowledge base. The frequently asked questions are conveniently separated into 3 groups:

Get started: anything related to the platform, how it works, what you need to get started, etc.

Branding: questions related to branding.

Technical questions: technical issues and how you can solve them.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the knowledge base, you can submit your ticket, and we’ll get back to you shortly! Or just send us a message via the chat in the screen corner.

Brand book best practices – learn how to create a brand book.

how to create a brand book

Not exactly a page, but a pretty useful section. If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to create brand guidelines, what elements it should include, and why – look no more. We’ve made a little brand book slider, showing all the brand book pages with notes on why they are there. Nothing hard, no text walls, just a visual aid for you. 

Contributors page – for leaving feedback & earning presents.

create brand book for free

We’re seriously focused on creating a good project that will be helpful to others. That is why we decided to introduce the Contributor’s program. For people that have an impact on Gingersauce’s development, we prepared a present-pack including a discount promo code. 

Becoming a contributor is not that hard, and won’t take long, but it will definitely help us become a better solution. There are a few ways you can enroll if interested, visit the page to learn what exactly you need to do!

Thanks 🧡

What’s next?

With this big upate out, we’ve already started working on the next. Here’s just a little sneak peak at what you may expect from Gingersauce in the future:

  • Full Japanese language translation – already working on that! Soon the whole application will translated too, stay tuned.
  • The tone of voice chapter in the wizard: Archetypes. Soon you’ll be able to find out and choose the brand archetype directly in Gingersauce.
  • Adobe fonts: we’ll be updating the list.
  • New mockups.

Create a brand book online, with a renewed Gingersause!

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a brand book for your business, a designer, looking for a time-saver, or an agency in need of shortcuts and a bit of automation, our brand book creation tool is exactly what you need. Few steps, few minutes, and logo design – with Gingersauce this is what it will take to create your brand book online.  

Easy. Fast. Professional.

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