Explaining The Five Dimensions Of Brand Personality


Brand personality: what emotions emit your brand?

Brand personality is motional brand image, in other words: emotional connection between consumer and brand. Competitors can copy features, services and distribution channels, but by creating an emotional image of the brand, the company could obtain a really strong differentiator.

J. Aaker, a specialist in marketing with a focus on brand strategy, conducted research into brand personalities and identified the following five dimensions:
1. Sincerity: down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, and cheerful.
2. Excitement: daring, spirited, imaginative, and up-to-date.
3. Competence: reliable, intelligent, and successful.
4. Sophistication: upper-class and charming.
5. Ruggedness: outdoorsy and tough.

Example 1: Whenever you think of @cocacola, consciously or subconsciously you think of “Happiness”. The reason? Coke has made it their business to associate the brand with that word by aligning the brand with every happy moment you can think of from Christmas to Summer holidays. Through their advertising and communication they consistently display happy and somewhat magical characteristics, which we associate with enjoyment. Their personality is carefree and fun loving which encourages the audience to forget their fears and stresses and enjoy the moment. Coke has a Sincerity brand personality.

Example 2: @mercedesbenz is an aspirational and exclusive brand that sits on a pedestal and encourages its customers to earn the right to join their club. That right of passage? Success. Their reward? Status. Mercedes communicates superiority and exclusivity and reminds their audience that they are at the top. Throughout their entire brand experience they display characteristics of status, wealth and success and provide their customers with a sense of achievement. Mercedes has a Sophistication brand personality.

There are around 30.7 million small businesses in the United States only. If you want to stand out in the eyes of the public, you need to develop a strong voice and to record it in the brand guidelines — using Gingersauce, of course 😏