The first professional tool for creating brand books

Create and share brand books online. All you need to get started is a logo.

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Time Saving

Design brand books in a snap.

Thanks to automated processes, you can upload your logos, choose fonts and colors, and the system will insert them into the template for you.


Books & assets stored online.

Gingersauce offers a convenient dashboard where you can store all the clients, brand books, and assets, online. No need to create gazillions of folders on your PC.


Create brand books and learn.

You are guided through every step of the brand book creation, with explanations and instructions. Every step in the wizard = brand identity element for you to explore.


Brand Book Builder by Gingersauce — PRO Tool for Design & Branding

Branding expert Will Paterson explains about Gingersauce

Why present logos using brand books?

By presenting your logo prototypes in professional brand books, you offer your clients brand identities to choose between. Better visualization, faster final decisions.

Why Gingersauce?

Gingersauce will help you create brand books faster, with market-standard templates, and some smart automatization sprinkled in. 

Channel your creativity in a better, spicier way.

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Channel your own style

Every element of your brand book can be customized. We offer options, it’s up to you what to choose. Or if to choose any. Our tool for creating brand books is only a wand for you to channel your magic. Get creative while we take care of everything else.

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Structure your assets in a ready brand book

Use smart automatization to take care of the boring, technical tasks. In our app, online tools set proportions, determine precise dimensions, pull up your color palette, offer icon variations, minimal and maximal sizes, predict misuse cases, etc.

Our brand books are easy to exchange and share: create brand guidelines as a team.

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Present your design like a pro

Show your clients what goes into designing a logo – present it in a brand book, and let them see the whole picture. Gingersauce allows you to create professional guidelines online. Within minutes, you get a brand book, ready to be sent to your clients, partners – and to be pushed into active use.

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