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Gingersauce: Create Brand Books Online, But Not Only That

On the surface, Gingesauce is a tool to create brand books online. But, in fact, there is just so much more to it than you can imagine! To make sure you’re in the know of every possibility that Gingersause offers, today we’re going to list them here: issue & solution.

Never miss out on the opportunity to make your workflow more efficient, with Gingersauce!

How can you use Gingersauce?

To create professional brand books in minutes. 

Issue: Designing a brand book usually takes days of work.

Solution: With Gingersauce you can create brand guidelines online in a matter of minutes, thanks to smart automatized customization processes. Gingersauce will offer you use and misuse cases….

create brand book online

…logo variations

how to create a brand book


create brand guidelines

…and guide you through every step of the branding process.

Create a brand book, designed according to the market standards that will look professionally made.

To present the logo design and other visuals.

Issue: Designers struggle to explain the vision behind their visuals.

Solution: With Gingersauce you can create brand books as a means of presenting branding options to clients: send each logo variation in a separate brand book, to present not only the design but a vision of a brand. The better the client visualizes the brand behind a logo, the faster they decide on the prototype.

brand book templates

Offer not only your stunning logo design but also a full brand identity.

To guide clients through the brand identity elements.

Issue: Clients sometimes don’t know what branding incorporates.

Solution: With Gingersauce, every step of the brand book building process is a brand identity essential. Lead the clients through every step of their company branding: conveniently, and without getting stuck in feedback loops.

brand guidelines template download

Share your editing rights with clients, and create brand guidelines together. 

To navigate between projects with ease.

Issue: Having multiple clients means having folders of files. 

Solution: With Gingersauce, you can keep every brand book, every client, and every branding process in one place, on a convenient designer dashboard.

brand style create

Every brand book you create (with all the assets you upload, or that get generated) is stored online. No need for millions of folders on your computer.

To redesign the brand book styles with a few clicks.

Issue: A necessity to design brand books of different styles, by hand.

Solution: With Gingersauce you can use and experiment with constantly updated brand book styles, upload personal brand book covers, and customize the final result according to the latest branding standards.

brand guidelines how to make

Not sure of this or that brand book element? Get back to editing the brand book any time: the progress will be stored on the cloud. 

3 phrases that describe Gingersauce best are….

Smart automation

One of our goals is to dispel the myth that automatic solutions steal the designer’s job. We’re here to help designers make their workflow more efficient, and provide an opportunity to showcase their awesome designs in a more professional way.


You don’t need to take days to create a brand book. All you need to do is upload assets into the generator, and the platform will arrange your designs into a brand book automatically, saving you days of working by hand. Create brand guidelines online, in just a few minutes.


How are you sending logos to a client? Many designers do it via email attachments, Figma, or Dropbox. What if you could convert a logo into a brand book and share a professional PDF? Then, you’d be offering more than just a logo — you can offer a full brand identity instead.

Wanna try? Start for free!

If you want to test out the system, welcome – just sign up, and create your brand book. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a brand book for your business, a designer, looking for a time-saver, or an agency in need of shortcuts and automation our brand book creator is exactly what you need. Few steps, few minutes, and logo design – with Gingersauce this is what it will take to create your brand book online.  

Easy. Fast. Professional.

The author

Josh Bloch
Josh Bloch

Josh is a multidisciplinary designer with over 20 years of experience in industrial design, exhibitions, branding, 2d and 3d animation, graphics for print and digital, illustration, and UX/UI for mobile and desktop apps.

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