Create A Story Of Your Brand

Create A Story Of Your Brand

Like every story you read in the books or watch in the movies, yours should also contain a hero and a villain. Your role in this will be to become an advisor, a master Yoda-like character.

Consider your branding a long story, where your brand is there to help the hero — which is your audience, to overcome a villain.

Who is the villain, you might ask? Well, it can have different faces — insecurities (Dove), Averageness (Apple), anything that pains the life of your audience.

Whatever the villain’s identity, you have to make sure that it feels real and threatening. If people do not fear the villain, why would they pay for you to help combat it? Your villain should be relatable and singular. Try not to create multiple ones, as you will have a hard time convincing people that they need to face all of them.

With your brand communications, you have to make your audience a hero of your story. And they should be actively participating in it.

The conclusion: don’t ponder over messaging. Ponder over people. Most brands are forgotten because they fail to focus on their aspects that will help people thrive.