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7 Graphic Designer Traits That Send A Cupid’s Arrow Right Through The Heart ❤️ [+ Valentine’s Day Meme Cards]

Just as some character traits make a graphic designer a good professional, there are also quite a few things that make them great people, since they are designers. Today, on a special day of love, and affection, we would like to present 7 traits that will make you fall in love with a graphic designer.

You’re in for a ride of endless compliments: they notice every little detail and change in your appearance.

In a relationship sometimes we get frustrated, feeling we’re not being paid attention to. With designers, that’s unlikely. It is their job to pay attention to every detail, they have an eye of an eagle. New shirt? Noted! New haircut? Noted.

It is true they might get a bit shy, but their compliments are always sincere and observant.

With all the pixel-pushing they do, their patience is godlike.

Endless edits do have their benefits: graphic designers are trained to be patient and easy to find a compromise with. If you’re having an argument they are more likely to meet you halfway, and not be especially stubborn.

Super organized: all their stuff is organized due to Pantone Chart.

The order in the house means the order in mind. Or at least that’s the popular opinion among graphic designers. They like to keep their things clean, and organized – sometimes even a bit over the top. It’s not rare finding a designer who keeps their socks due to the Pantone chart.

They can always scare the bullies away by citing Lorem Ipsum.

It never hurts to know some demonic-sounding Latin these days, right? If you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of suspicious-looking people, a graphic designer can cue their best demon-possessed voice and cite some Lorem Ipsum by heart. 

With all the references they see on Pinterest, your date is bound to be romantic.

Willingly or not, graphic designers get through different topics looking for references. Dating is not an exception. If they want to impress you, they will always know exactly what to do to make you gasp in awe. The artistic nature also helps them to prepare the most romantic date for you both to enjoy.

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Romantic and fun: they love commenting on the menu design when going to a restaurant.

Going on a date with a graphic designer, you will never find yourself bored. Something as simple as a restaurant menu can become a matter of discussion as they most certainly will make their remarks on how it’s designed. Buckle up and get ready to learn a thing or two about how to design a menu properly.

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Ditch the face tune, your photos will be professionally photoshopped.

Have something that needs to be photoshopped out of your picture? No worries, send them over to your graphic design significant other! 2 minutes and it’s done. You can also delete your face tune since it will be frowned upon big time.

Don’t know what present to buy for a designer?

If you’re thinking about what present to buy for a graphic designer, look no further. What can be a better present than a saved time and effort, and the professional look as a bonus? We can help with that.

Gingersauce is the first professional tool for creating brand books. Let your significant other stop spending days customizing the template. With our app, they can simply upload their assets, and build an awesome brand book around it faster and more efficiently. And even present their previously designed visuals in a professional brand book.

Time saved on useless customization = more time for love ❤️

Give Gingersauce subsription as a present

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