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5 Resources To Download Free Design Icon Vectors: Gingersauce’s Pick

Every designer who’s working on a user interface knows the pain of finding inspiration for creating their own vector graphics – icons, art, or images. Specifically, icons related to design, UI/UX, or web experience. 

Luckily, we’re living at times, when a plethora of design icon vectors can be found online – and for free. But what are the best websites to download the designs from?

Today, we’re sharing our personal top 5 resources that’ll help simplify your working process and provide inspiration for creating your own vector visuals!

1. Freepik


If you’re looking specifically for a specific brand icon vector you saw 2 years ago and cannot find – fear no more! Freepik is an awesome resource to find any graphic visual you need: from icons to stock photos.

Thanks to an advanced filtering system, you can find web design icon vectors, or anything really, in any style, color palette, and even layout.

freepik filters

On Freepik’s gallery, you can choose from more than 75K free graphic resources to keep the inspiration juices flowing.

2. Flaticon


Flaticon is considered to be one of the largest icon databases today, and rightfully so. On this website, you’ll be presented with more than 3,500,500 vector icons. Okay, there is no chance you leave the resource emptyhanded ?

Having decided on the icon you like, you have a chance to download it in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.

3. Icons8

Icons vector

Icons8 may seem to have a little smaller gallery of resources than Flaticon – 144K, but there are some super helpful features you need to know about.

First of all, you can filter your search results by 25 styles, and 59 categories. This allows you to get super specific about the design icon vectors you’re looking for. Icons also categorize all the resources by 198 trend groups.

If you like some icons and want to quickly save them, you can drag and drop it into your Favorites collection box in the left bottom corner.

Also, the website has a built-in icon editor, where you can change colors, add elements, adjust padding, and more, before downloading.

4. Noun Project 

noun projects

If you’re looking for black and white, classy, and minimalistic icon designs – the Noun Project is just for you.

 Being among the biggest icon resources out there – together with Flaticon, at Noun project you have to pick among more than 3M icons.

The project is so special since it provides a variety of design choices for all topics, including inclusivity, feminism, activism, even the pandemic we’re witnessing right now. 

The Noun projects steps along with the world, creating icons for all the raging topics.

5. Dribbble


Most designers consider Dribble to be only a platform for creating portfolios or finding design jobs – but it also a great place to find icon design inspirations. So, are you looking for graphic design icon vectors, or maybe brand icon vectors? Dribble is an awesome aggregator of skilled designers and the most creative ideas.

Just search ‘icon’ in the search bar, and you’ll see what we mean. So many cool ideas!

A Bonus: Designer’s Pick

We’re not done yet 🙂 Here are 2 bonus resources kindly shared by Gingersauce’s founder – Josh Bloch, as his absolute favorites.

Font Awesome

font awesome

Font awesome is a, well awesome, free UI/UX icon gallery. On this resource, you can copy the icon code to directly paste it into your website if needed.

font awesome ui ux icons



Not exactly free but a pretty good bargain! On Icon54 you can find 5,000 customizable icons in more than 100 categories. If the range is not wide enough, you can ask for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

icon54 gallery

Created Your Vector Icons? Present them in Gingersauce

Gingersauce is a professional tool for creating brand guidelines, that combines smart automation and your creativity.Gingersauce will help you gather all the vector icon you have created, and make a professional presentation that will impress your client. You can download a created  brand book right away – it will look promising even with no customization. Or, you can play around with it to get even more epic guidelines!

Create A Brand Book

So, have you found your inspiration on the websites we shared? Or maybe have another one to add to the list? Let us know on our Instagram 🙂

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