new year's resolutions for graphic designers

2021 New Year’s Resolutions For Graphic Designers

Ah, the new year’s resolutions. Something that is created during a minute of inspiration and gets dropped only a week after the year started. But maybe you will have more power than us? 

Many of us create personal lists to change our lives for the better. Yet, have you tried creating a professional one? Something that can be used as a cheatsheet, a guide to how to balance work and personal life better. 

We have a few for you. New Year’s Resolutions for graphic designers, made by graphic designers and based on years and years of looking for better work optimization solutions.

If not a new year’s resolution, it can also be used as a list of advice from Gingersauce on how you can become a better professional.

In 2021, I will…

  1. …learn something new.

I will try using a new software program or learn a new design skill I have yet to master.

girl reading illustration

The world is rolling, as a designer, you need to stay on top of the progress. 

  1. …look around more.

I will be more open to industry news and trends. I will read blogs daily to stay informed and inspired.

ginger girl illustration

Your job is to stay relevant. The trends are the reflection of the events happening in the world.

  1. …step out of my comfort zone.

I will not focus only on the things I am good at, I will try new techniques, new styles, new industries. 

skater illustration

We understand that going out of the comfort zone might be painful. But the mistakes we make pave the way for progress. Without trying new things, you will not become a better professional.

  1. …listen and empathize better.

I will listen to what the client says, and try to understand better the issues they try to mitigate. I will not rush my opinions but comprehend what they have to say first.

pets illustration

Your clients know about their brand, and audience more than you do. It’s always beneficial to listen to what they have to say before jumping in offering ideas. Listen, think it through, and offer the best solution you can.

  1.  …do something I like.

I will work on something outside my tasks to keep my creativity flowing. I will not get tangled in my work and will set some time to do something I like.

laptop illustration

Overworking never helped anyone. If you only focus on your job, with no distractions, soon enough you will burn out. Something that you considered a passion before can easily become a routine. That is why we recommend you always make time for enjoying your hobby.

  1.  …present my designs properly.

I will not attach my files to an email. I will provide clients with a proper presentation, explaining more about my designs.

presentation illustration

We couldn’t help including it in our New year’s resolution for graphic designers.

Presentation is an important step in your cooperation with a client. If you don’t present your visuals properly, they might not understand what is the thought process behind your visual. They might also not consider you a professional. We recommend you present your design prototypes in brand books. This way you can present not only logos but ready brands to choose from. And with Gingersauce, creating a brand book will take you only a few minutes. 

  1. …learn more about branding.

I will take my time to learn more about branding, and what I can offer to my client. 

books illustration

Being skilled in branding opens a lot of opportunities for you as a designer. When clients come to you for a logo, you can offer them a whole brand identity instead. You will be able to offer more value to your client, helping them create a memorable brand. 

Make sure you read our blog regularly! Gingerblog is a place where we share our insights on branding, design, and the product.

  1. …take time to explain.

I will not stay silent if I believe the client’s idea doesn’t work. I will do my best to explain why their design solution is not suitable in a respectful manner.

explaining illustration

Standing your ground professionally is something you can be valued for. Who can be considered a professional: a designer that creates a bad visual, but stays out of the argument, or a designer that is up for discussion and stands for their ideas and expertise? 

9. …stop procrastinating (as much).

I will try to manage my time better, and finish my projects on time or beforehand. I will cut on any distractions while I work.

procrastination illustration

Procrastination is a headache these days. Especially now that many of us work from the comfort of our homes. There are so many more enjoyable things to do around the house! Who needs working anyways. But, here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Set timeframes. At 10:00 I will start working and will finish this assignment by 13:00.
  2. Use incentives. After I finish, for 30 minutes I can check my socials, waste some time on Tik Tok, and essentially rest.
  3. Cut on distractions. Try turning off your smartphone, or using it to record a timelapse of you working. The recording will act as a motivation – wow, how good I did there! I did so much work. Just see me go!
  4. Use music. Music has proved to help with concentration. Gingersauce’s choice – Ambient mixes on YouTube. We promise you won’t believe how much work you finished.

10.  …won’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

If I have questions I will ask them, I won’t feel ashamed for not understanding something or needing more information from the client.

asking questions illustration

What can be more frustrating than asking more questions? However hard that is, not knowing all the answers, we are not able to create a visual that does good for its brand. 

11. and interact with other graphic designers in person or online.

I will find thematic groups, ask for advice, help other designers, and will be open to communicate with the professionals in the field.

friends illustration

Having other designers to consult is a game-changer. If you don’t know how to execute something, just ask. If you have opinions, voice them. See what other people think.

12. …bring a notebook everywhere I go.

I will write down all my ideas the moment I have them (since I will forget about them a minute later).

business lady illustration

Sometimes inspiration strikes at unexpected times. Having something to write the idea down pays off. Later on, you will have an accumulation of creative thoughts to choose from.

13.  …take pictures of beautiful sights.

I will take a picture of everything I find beautiful: the views, nature, architecture, etc. 

photographer illustration

The accumulation of inspirations. Photos go too. Next time you feel drained, try to look through all the beautiful things that surround us. See if it makes you go and create something just as beautiful!

Did you find our New Year’s resolutions for graphic designers useful? We hope so! Make sure you visit us on social media and tell us what you think! 

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