2021 New Year’s Resolutions For Graphic Designers

Many of us create personal lists to change our lives for the better. Yet, have you tried creating a professional one? We have one for you. A New Year’s Resolution for graphic designers, made by graphic designers and based on years and years of looking for better work optimization solutions.

In 2021, I will…
…step out of my comfort zone.
👆 I will not focus only on the things I am good at, I will try new techniques, new styles, new industries.

…listen and empathize better.
👆 I will not rush my opinions but comprehend what clients have to say first.

…do something I like.
👆 I will work on something outside my tasks to keep my creativity flowing.

…present my designs properly.
👆 I will not attach my files to an email. I will provide clients with a proper presentation, explaining more about my designs.

…learn more about branding.
👆 I will take my time to learn more about branding, and what I can offer to my client.

…take time to explain.
👆 I will not stay silent if I believe the client’s idea doesn’t work. I will do my best to explain why their design solution is not suitable in a respectful manner.

…stop procrastinating (as much).
👆 I will try to manage my time better, and finish my projects on time or beforehand. I will cut on any distractions while I work.

…won’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.
👆 If I have questions I will ask them, I won’t feel ashamed for not understanding something or needing more information from the client.

…bring a notebook everywhere I go.
👆 I will write down all my ideas the moment I have them (since I will forget about them a minute later).

Let us know which one will be on the 1st place of your resolutions list!

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